Saturday, July 25, 2009

25/07/09 (sat)

bringing hyper home later. haha. going for a swim later. a NIGHT SWIM so cool. haha. follow bby a bath then need to wait for aunt. haha. so happy. just decided transportation fo hyper to the dog show because al and cherly might be going there so they might be driving me there too. haha. cool right. haha. and sentosa!!! still coming out will the date, people have already settle who just that the date!!! hai. haha. thanks uncle tony for buying the sauagues for hyper cos they know that hyper isn't eating well. and they still rememeber that hyper love that. haha. i'll take good care of hyper de. haha.. he's doing fine.. haha.. just the marking, other then that he's a good dog to have. haha.

Monday, July 20, 2009

isn't it cool!!! to go for a off-leash walk. cos your dog will not be limited to the length of your leash. through it's very dangerous.

stop,when i called his name:hyper!!!

with sugar(miniture schnauzer)(on-leash)

hyper with his best pal zanzibar(rhodesian rigdeback)

20/07/09 (mon)

hyper with his best pals.. zanzibar(rhodesian rigdback) and dale(golden retriever)


went for a walk.. (second day i adopted hyper)

just adopted him, not even 3hrs.. haha. cute right!!

hyper, sorry can't go see u at club today. cos school end damn late today. hope u understand. haha. sorry to be so harsh to you yesterday. cos i'm very angry with what u have done.

Friday, July 17, 2009

17/07/09 (fri)

hi, all. tomorrow i'm going to my owner's,zijian,aunt house. haha. going to have lots of fun, i think. haha. nonsense stopped so far. owner not that angry anymore. just that awhile ago, hunter(mongrel) hump me so i turn and growl, kanna scolded and beaten by my owner. haha. so sad, didn't go for swim today. haha. but went for a walk(off-leash). haha. quite fun. owner plan to go sentosa the next sun, but he have to ask his friends first. finally, my plan to sentosa seems to be coming. training for heel and sit. like heel, then i follow zijian, the moment he say sit, i have to sit but he continuce to walk, and i have to sit there until he say heel. haha. quite fun. just that my owner seems to be boring cos no treats needed as i'm not food-motivated. so he can't use treats for my training. going to be hungry for today, mann. cos owner plan to make me go hungry if i don't eat. morning he feed me kibbles i didn't eat so just now in the afternoon, he feed me again, i only eaten few mouths then i walk away, although he keep asking me to eat but i didn't. so he throw away the kibbles and he will only feed me tmr. cos he want to train me not to be fussy with food. so in long term, i will eat when given the time. haha. this is use by many dog-trainer and so. even al(if i not wrong),cherly and etc use that method cos it's useful and effective. haha.

Monday, July 13, 2009


if u were to behaivour like how u behaving now then isn't it better??? kay, i know just now i was bit fierce to u cos u really cross my tolerates level, u know. and i have no intention of the pack leader theory like trying to let u know that i'm ur leader or what purely angry with u. kay. previous post was type when i'm angry so there's many emotional thing written so whatever is it. hope u will not step over my toleration level again anymore. ok,hyper??? haha. kay la ar. hyper baby. haha. going home soon ya, haha. love u as much as before la. haha. just don't let history repeat itself again can. haha. just want to train u, using the karen pryor theory method, ok hyper. promise me.

13/07/09 (mon)(part 2)

'damn freaky angry with u, hyper!!!!' why do u keep marking on my legs!!! i hate it. if u marks on tree, although i'm angry but not as angry as now. and i have being tolerating ur nonsence since the day after i adopted u or so. first u fight with dogs, mark on my leg the first day i got u and it's barely 1hrs i gotten u. then, u growl and show bit of agressive, marks and so. u know how angry am i now!?! treated u so good want to give u the best within my range(allowance), mix wet food for u when u don't eat the kibbles itself, reheat the wet food for u, afraid that u will have diarrhoea if not heated, cos u have a weak stomach. bring u for a long and slow walk, cos i know that u needs lots of excerises. start reading all the books about border collie, learning to understand ur body languages, and wanting to know under what situation u will bark/bite/attack/charge/get in a fight/see what things/sounds u are afriad. get lots of treats for u cos u are very fussy with foods(throug uncle tony say u not a fussy-eater,i think),cos u don't eat much of ur meals so thought that by eating treats u will not get overly-hungry. trying to get as many toys as possible for u. when sees a new toys/treats i will think of getting for u. and what i get back in return??!!! although i can afford to bring u for walk off-leash, and u respound quite good to me even there are one or two dogs over there. but do u think i want all that?? i know all this have to be train, but have u given me the chance to really train you, doesn't eat the treats i get for u,wasted my money(it's ok for that,i can forget about that). try to make training fun for u, but u will only look/put ur attention elsewhere. u only make me feel like a lousy owner and a lousy novice-dog trainer.

tell you what hyper, i'm going to change the way i treat u from tomorrow onwards, cos i feel that u stay at club4paws on the weekdays most the time, so i wanted to pamper u more, but what i get?? i wanted to make u understand that training is training-play is play- there's always a time to play and time to be serious. cos of u i broken up with my G.F cos i know that i can never balance the time between u and her. is that the outcome for me??? keep giving me problems. whatsoever it is, i'm not going to give u up!!! rememeber that i'm the last owner in ur life!!! and i can confirm with u about that. when u are with me, u only want to play ball, frisebee, swim and so on. but when it come to training(mental stimulation) things, u will not get so into it. i'm going to give a break for out training, i'll only reinforce the things u know from now on. and i'm going to be strict to you whether u like it or not, will change according to ur behaivour. nothing will change unless __ tells me what to do aand what not to do. and u are going to eat kibbles ONLY without any wet food or whatsoever, if u don't eat, i will leave it there for the most 15mins, if u still don't want to eat then, u have to wait till the next feeding time. pee and poo time from now on will be fixed according for u. and off-leash in the compound unless playin, no going onto grass as and when u like, only fixed time.

hyper, do u understand why i did that?? u are not a human anyway. but i still choose u then my girlfriend. u know how much i given up for u!!!

13/07/09 (mon)

hi, last night overslept at club4paws cos supposely today zijian ends school quite late around 4/5pm so he can't leave me at home. so he put me at club and accompany until 10pm+ last night before he left home. haha. then, he surprise me in the morning at club, cos he's having some diarrhoea and a bad flu. haha. he felt that i should rest more as i didn't sleep much on the sat night and i played alot yesterday, so when he brought zanzibar(rhodesian rigeback) and dale(golden retriever) for a walk, he left me over at the office hopefully that i will take some nap. but i'm only taking a nap right now. zijian still teaching me to 'bow' but it's not that reliable, will do only during play time when playing fetch. when feedin that time, he has to lure me, if not i will go the the 'down' position. haha. he's trying his best to train me cos i'm not that food-motivated, and just now he wanted to ask me to walk through the hoola-hoop before asking me to jump. he give up, cos he can't lure me through the hoola-hoop cos i'm not that interested in the treats, and i keep walking the other side. so he let me out of the play-pen, and he started training zanzibar on some basic command like stay(more reliable) and stand(new tricks for him). think he will be looking for al again for some tips/lesson to train me. through he doesn't study that much now, but when he is in school he pay attention(90%). haha. through it's not that much but i know that he will chiong when exam is approching. haha. i've faith in him. haha. al:"teach zijian on how to train me,cos he can't use treats on me, cos i'm very picky, even meals i didn't eat much unless i play alot then in the night i will eat slightly more. he's trying to use clicker with treats, and the treats end up on the floor, so he's trying to lessen the treats maybe toy or something. if not he could only reinforce the commands that i know and that will not be fun for him, cos he can't teach me tricks and more mental stimulations games. haha. he's back into the clicker book that u bought for him, trying to see is there any method he could use on me. but he's that kind 'if there's a short-cut, why not'." thanks ya. haha. going for swim later for maybe 5-10mins swim according to my owner,zijian. haha.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

12/07/09 (sun)(part 2)

haha, hi, ppl. earlier on make my owner damn angry. when zai zai(beagle)'s owner came,i wanted to play with hiim cos owner,zijian, brought him to his owner then i followe them, and it end up with a fight!!! wth!!! cos zai zai growl and so, so i retaliate and zijian was so angry, he broke us apart so i stopped but zai zai keeps on growlin and wanting to snap, so irriating. then i was tied to the back for 5-10mins(punishment) according to zijian. haha then, charcoal(bordr collie) came so zijian brought me to play with him and so(off-leash) haha. after that, i rush into the swimming pool and swim, shouted by hi for doing that, cos i just have my bathed yesterday. he only plan to have a run around the compound. haha. took the chance!! haha. saw a shiba inu playing so run towards then and end up with a fight so zijian was so angry that he give me a 'time-out'. and tat the end of my play for the day. haha. cos being giving him trouble. haha. then al came to meet cherly over at the clun. haha. cos al have some lesson over at yew tee area. haha. so zijian brought me to the cafe where al, cherly and woofy is. haha. al order the suages platter or whatsoever and their wings. which is quite nice but bit expensive although zijian didn't paid. al paid for it. haha. thanks ya. haha. woofy was here cos al find that woofy be even more timid whe gody isn't with him. throu he has being that timid all along but when gody isn't around it's even worse haha. ate quite alot for my dinner. cos very hungry with the supplement and the pill for digestion that zijian force feed me cos i really hate that pill. haha. poo for 4times or 3. haha. all quite hard. yeah, finally not having diarrhoea anymore haha. hope to see woofy not that timid the next time. he didn't play with any dogs when he's here. haha. cos i'm timid too so i didn't play with him. (hyper is timid, he only want to act tough when there are male,not sterili, and female are around, i think). haha. have fun for the day, but hope to go the dog show and sentosa soon. haha.

12/07/09 (sun)

hi, everyone out there. haha. yesterday, when to meet my previous owner along with me owner,zijian, cos they passing my things to my owner,zijian. haha. and it's quite lot lo. haha. quite sleepy last night cos has being playing with mexx(golden retriever) for quite sometime, as my owner allow, cos i've being a good boy for the day. haha. last night dinner, ate quite alot. and i'm so full, 1 and a half cups of kibbles mix with carrots, but after last night we met with hyper's previous owner, this morning think miss them, so didn't eat much just 1/4 cups of kibbles, and my owner afraid that i'm hungry he tried to train me on 'bow' so i will eat some treats in the mean time. see how caring my owner is towards me. haha. the best owner on earth. and we play frisbees and the my squeky toys in the morning, with my owner's aunt and him. owner's aunt seems to like me alot. keep playing toys with me, and get me a small fan that only blow me in the night when going for bed. haha. cos she's afraid that i'l be hot as i'm long coated. hehe. but zijian says that she's spoiling haha. but they are for my own good too. haha.

BTW, the next dog show is on the 2 august 2009 and my owner,zijian, will be bringing me to the dog show. haha. if u guys want go just let my owner,zijia, know then we could meet or something could also go together. haha.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

11/7/09 (sat)

hi, everyone, i'm with my new owner,zijian, for a week le. haha. we're doing well, just that this morning i didn't eat much cos not sure why too, maybe cos the food i didn't add in the wet food, only the kibbles itself, so my owner went to buy some carrots for me and brought me to eat grass. haha. seeing my previous owner tonight,hehe. going for a swim soon follow by bath and we will be going to our aunt hse later at night and we are going to play fetch 'off-leash' below our block again. haha. hope to go to sentosa soon,, with my owner,zijian, and his friends. haha. zijian, when can we go sentosa???? haha

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hey all.

Hahaha, ZJ,hope you dont mind i edit stuffs in yr blog cuz it kinda look messy :)

See ya.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

8/7/09 (wed)

not sure why the previous posts gone to... sian. now have to retype again. whatever it is, i'm going to make it short and sweet.

hi,everyone out there, i'm hyper, the border collie that is loved by everyone in the world. and my owner is very sweet to open a blog for me. i'm with my new owner since sat(4/7/09) and we have being together for fewdays. this new owner is the world most handsome guy,zijian, and have a warm heart to adopt me and give me all the love and care that i need, even full of activities planned for me so far. on mon, i think, i'm not feeling well and i'm owner was so paranoid. and he's so afraid that i'll fall sick and so. cos in the morning, when he fed me, i didn't eat much and he started to be so worry about me, and tried to lighten my mood. and brought me for a slow walk and so. he is really a good owner, cos he wanted to fatten me up, and he change my kibbles to salmon and potaoes(club uses this so i can take from them and no need spend too much money on kibbles,and he added wet food for me(aunt brought it for me), and a sudden oof increase of activities cos he read alots of books of border collie said that border collie need lots of exerises. and maybe due to a sudden change i can't get use to it for the past few days, cos my owner is too 'gan chiong' le. haha. but what ever it is, i'm diong fine now, just finish my dinner, kibbles and carrots that he brought from the club4paws cafe. haha. and we are about to go for a slow walk, cos i'm havinig diarrhoea with my owner but i'm feeling much more better. my poo isn't that watery anymore. about to be like normally(gosh) haha. i love my owner cos he does lots of things cos of me, and he is such a nice person, so uncle tony and aunty jeanatte don't worry about me anymore, zijian is really trying to be the best owner in the world now, giving me lots of love and care.

Ps-written based on hyper,the border collie, mindset.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

7/7/09 (tues)

hi, everyone out there, i'm hyper, the border collie. i'm living with my owner, the world most handsome guy, zijian. we just got together since 4/7/09,saturday, we met last sunday, when my previous owner took me to meet him. haha. he's so good to me. hi,uncle tony and aunty jeanette. i'm doing fine here with him,zijian. on saturday, when he just got me over at club we went for a swim and he let me know alots of other dog friends. like charcoals, he's also a border collie. and a corgi, who keep barking at me, and when wanted to play he ran away. weird friends right. haha. and when i went to his aunt house we play fetch and ate my dinner which is the samples he gotten from the club. haha. but it's okay. at least he tried to feed me, he never will let me go hungry for even 1sec. loving right. reat assured he will not overfed me. and that night we slept at 2+am and cos i want to use the toliet(grass pact) urgently that's why i wake him up at 5+am and i couldn't go back to sleep and i tried to disturb zijian so that he won't leave me alone, and true enough he stay awake and we went for a off-leash walk, think cos he trust me that i'm well-trained. so i have to prove to zijian that i'll follow him so that i could be always be off-leash. haha. yesterday, didn't eat much not sure why too. so when zijian make dinner for me i didn't eat much, and he kept asking me to eat, so in order not to disappoint him i tried to eat. then, i choke(i think), after that he stopped asking me to eat and let me rest, cos his afriad that i will vomit the gastic juice. cos uncle tony told him that if i didn't eat, i will vomit gastic juice, and my owner is very easily paranoid. and he can't stop himself from worrying for me today cos i'm not that hyper cos i want to rest in the air-con room.

P.s.- written by the thoughts of hyper,the border collie. haha