Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13/01/10 (wednesday)

Yesterday went to Shujuan their chalet. over at downtown east. reached there at about 5+pm and we smuggled hyper into the chalet. we are damn lucky that we didn't get caught if not we're going to be fine. we had a BBQ last night with lots of food that we could not even finished, had difficulties getting beer n vodka. so i asked a stranger to help me buy. OMG, d paisei thing is that we uses other people BBQ pit lucky they are very kind to just use other pit and didn't make a big fuss out of it. the birthday boy even introduce himself to us that his Tim (Timothy). and he just keep asking us whether we need any drinks. we thought they are westerner but they were Singaporean and about our age. also just got back their 'o' result. but they looks so much older(mature). they played loud music that we all like it. that's what we called chalet unlike us. then Alvin, Jane, Francis,shogun and Jeremy slept so early. so i just stay out of the room to just msg over the phone. and Tim n his mum came out at around 3am+ so we just have a chat. so we just sit together at the BBQ pit. they are very generous they just keep asking whether i need any drinks or food. ha. but think the fun time i had during the chalet is when i'm with Tim n friends. but some of Tim's friends doesn't look that friendly, through. after sometime, Tim's mum getting tired so they went back into their room to rest. and i went back to the room to play with Alvin's itouch. ha. slept at around 6am+ and wake up at 8am+ when Francis is leaving for work.

then i just walk out of the chalet room and sit at the BBQ pit and Tim came out. then we just have a short chat and we are back to our rooms. then Tim just pass us 2 bags of ices. ha. so before we left the chalet today, i just went over to say bye to them. then he knew that i brought hyper there. he thought we need help so i just tell him that actually we brought hyper there, he say" let them see, u guys are leaving anyway, if they chase u out then just say bye, and thanks. u all are leaving anyway". ha. Hope able to see Tim and his friends real soon. through we meet for just a few days but i know they are those types that when u are in troubles they will help. unlike some of my friends just leave you alone.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

this is kidy on my sofa. hyper is not allow to be on the sofa but kidy can. ha

1 of jan when i found kidy.

7/1/10 (thusday)

My first post in 2010.

Hyper have a little brother named kidy, a stray cat, on 1 Jan 2010. ha. hyper likes to be with kidy but maybe kidy is stray so he is very protective of himself against hyper. but i do really hope that the two of them will be able to be together and start playing with each other. kidy is damn cute that's why i decided to adopted him. he should be around 4mths old now. so he should be born on Sep 2009. and i have gave kidy a date of birth which is the 9 of Sep. and hyper is on the 9 of march. haha.
5 of Jan is the first day that i started exercise hyper by bringing him to jog in the night. actually, is because i want to slim down so i get hyper to jog along with me and by doing that, it will increase his stamina in his agility competition and also his jumper competition. one thing i notice is that hyper fur seems to be longer then the day i adopt him. how i wish that his fur could be as long as a normal border collie should be. ha. for me, his is consider short. but for charcoal, he is a short coated border collie. by the way, charcoal is hyper best friend as the two of them are both border collie.