Monday, March 24, 2014

Busy Hyper boy 🐶

Last weekend hyper had a super long weekend pack! 

From meeting his fav pals the 5 guinea pigs! On Friday night!!

To agility & obedience trial demonstration at "pets n the city" on Saturday evening! 

~ Recalled exercise~ 
~ sit - stay exercise ~ 

*agility photos will be up soon* 

And Sunday went to west coast dog park to watch agility trial by skc. 
And also we have Mia, on socialization training with us :) 

And everything end with a bathing & massage session for him!! 

Nt forgetting hyper's goodies from the events! 
Can't wait to taste it all!! 

~Adopt • Rehab • Training • Enjoyment ~ 


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hyper With The Pack 🐶

Last Saturday cause I have 2 dogs with me for training, and one join us for walk and another one which I'm boarding her. End up I brought 5 dogs out for walk! 
Too bad I can't let them go off leash, cause it will be too much for me to handle, so we just had a walk from tiong Bahru all the way down to esplanade and back, not forgetting stopping by esplanade and letting the dogs for some water break! And a short off leash time for hyper:) 

It's being so long since I walked 5 dogs at one go! Love the feeling and not the aftermath - aching arm! 

Starting of our walk at Robertson Quay, walk pass quite a number of dogs! Luckily, the dogs are quite focus and didn't pull me down the road to smell other dog :) 

4 big dogs walking on the same side nicely :) 

Waiting for the fifth and the smallest dog to join us - maltipoo :) 

Lady Mae photobomb :) 

Group photo by the river!! 

~ Adopt • Rehab • Training • Enjoyment ~


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hyper's weekend

Last weekend we attend a doggie birthday party!! At paw petradise doggie cafe :) as usual hyper behavior like a puppy going around for food and play with the other dogs. 
One downside at doggie cafe some owner don't really keep an eye on their own dogs! For instance, there's a couple who brought 2 border collie and 1 mongrel, beautiful dogs! The mongrel actually jump up while I'm eating and stole my lasagne and spill everything on my pants! And the owner just close one eye didn't even bother to apologize or anything. The same mongrel was going from table to table and jumping at every thing he could to steal others food. And one of the border collie actually wasn't very friendly attack one of our dogs, the owner just sat there didn't even stop the dog, so we had to seperate their dog ourselves, and another border collie was 'marking' everywhere on chairs, sofa, tables even on everyone leg! Argh!! 

Group photo of us with our dog/s :) 

And as usual hyper Saturday job, to help calm one of the dog on socialization with us, Ginger. You can have more details on our training with ginger at :) 

Their walk down Robertson quay to esplanade :) 
Left to right : ginger, hyper and olive 

As usual every Sunday before I book in will play fetch with my baby :) 

Can't wait to see you my baby on Friday night :) 


~Adopt • Rehab • Training • Enjoyment ~ 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March is here!

13 march 2015 will be my ORD date! Roughly about 1 year more to go! Hyper just bear with it for 1 more year, and I will be home everyday to bring you out for walk, chilling at cafes and spending more time with you! 

Yesterday day a day off and brought hyper to brewerkz @ riverside point for dinner follow by walk down to Robertson Quay:) 

And of course impromptu training on the bridge :) 

~ Adopt • Rehab • Training • Enjoyment ~

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Recently had few days off and a long weekend!! Being walking hyper every single morning and some training :) 

No money to buy agility equipment! So have to be more creative and use other thing as hurdles :) 

Nice shot of hyper jumping :) 

Hyper and kafka German shepherd 

Long pack walk to fort canning park , the back packer's :) bag are from #outwardhound 

Another shot of jumping over Kafka :) 

Went to k9 kulture for Swim with kyra :) 

Both had a big smile on!! :) 

Long pack walk to Garden By The Bay :) 
And yes, hyper on the chair halfway back :) 

Left to right : hyper, Kafka, olive, Leto, ginger and lady Mae 

Love every moment spend with baby hyper ❤️

~ Adopt • rehab • training • enjoyment ~