Thursday, August 27, 2009

27/8/09 (thurs)

hi there,
haven't being blogging for quite sometime. haha. just bought a treat pouch for al, which is damn good and useful, making me want to do better, that cost 30bucks. bascially, the pouch motivate me ALOT!!! now, hyper knows how to close door cos i taught him. he know how to push open glass door, our club4paws office door, without being taught, cos he wants to go out play. haven't being giving me much problem now. GOOD BOY, hyper. xP >.<
adrian also bought a dog training book for me, 'click for joy', which costs 43bucks. the books was interesting and good. cos normally i will have to take quite sometime to read finish a book cos i'm not that kind of person that love to read so after reading for quite sometime i will feel sleepy and so. but for that book i read half of the book within 3days. ha. great improvement make and evrytime i'm free i will just think of reading the book.
going to west coast dog run park tomorrow once school ends then will be headin to dog run with hyper and some other dogs from club4paws that are send for boarding or daycare, but have to get permission from their owner first. haha. hope to have fun tomorrow with my boy and others. haha. planning to go sentosa but cos needa paid money so nah. not going till i got my paid and so. haha.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

19/08/09 (wed)

Didn't post for quite sometime as i'm rather busy with other things. even my hyper's training as stop for like a week or so. busy working. on the 7 of aug, brought hyper,misty(L/C chihuahua) and bentley(golden and poodle cross) to west coast park. wanted to go to west coast dog run but dog run was too far away from west coast park so we didn't go. but still we had fun there. lots of fun. and we plan to go to sentosa on the 28/08/09. before our prelim so we had our fun and should be able to concentrate more on studies. haha. hopefully, it go according to our plans. haha. hyper is finally back to normal after his sterilis just that few days after his sterilis on the 5/8 his testic swollen till a size of a mango. haha. so was quite worried, but now think my worried is useless. haha. he's as hyper as before. just that every morning 3am+ he will jump onto your bed and sleep with you, then at around 5am+ he will either start licking your face to wake u up or using his nose/muzzle to pop ur legs till u wake up then he will act as if u woke up urself and wags his tail like mad like haven't seen u for ages. haha. cute??? irritating??? haha. to me,? both haha. just brought him for a car-ride cos we sendin harley(C.K.C.S) home, and i brought him along then left him in the van while adrian and i went for dinner and some shopping. haha. mean?? ha. off-leash when we were out there haha. lucky no ava people saw us if not... ...
hope noone will complain that i off-leash my dog. yeah!!! going to lisence hyper SOON.. haha. then either right after he is lisence or after my 'o' level, i will be bringing for agility training and hopefully will be able to bring him to dog show competition. then, al will be so proud that he thought me dog training. haha. ever choose the wrong decisple(don't know how to spell),haha.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

02/08/09 (sun)

this coming wednesday bring hyper to vet for his sterilisation. wahaha. so evil. ha. if not, everytime if he sees another female dog or female pee. that's it mann. he will be so engorse in the pee. haha. so when he's homos come then he will starts humping other dogs males and female. so it's not a good sight and so. so no choice have to sterilised him. so this wed, OMG, hyper u going to be without your balls. haha. then u can't go for your swim at least 12days. haha.
that why the problem is, i'm bringing you to west coast with my friends and their dogs to play lei.. how. afraid later will have infection.. haha.. hai. see how it goes.