Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Dying soon! There's just too many things going on in my life right now. Left club4paws on the 1 Nov, after that I've many disagreement with the management over there, and nearly get myself into trouble with the customers and so. Took hyper with me when i left, intend to leave my bad memories there but i cant. although now, things with them are settled. i could said that one of my problems was settled. Of course, the biggest is a place for hyper, my dog, and luckily enough Al help me to place hyper with him for few days - hyper still with him. although i see hyper almost everyday and i know that he go out with Al in the day & night everyday.

Trouble with families over hyper and also trouble with friends' relationship. Every bad things just keep on coming. Too much trouble for me to handle. Thought of giving up everything. But, if i left-what's gonna happen to hyper. He's my only reason to live now. But, i'm in the midst of giving up. Losing my focus, passion & goals. Don't know what have got into me, to turn like this. My minds is just too confused to sort things out properly.