Tuesday, September 22, 2009

22/09/09 (tues)

Wo, ha ha. hyper is back to normal. Adrian msg me in the morning that hyper is fine and he poo in the office just next to his bed. opps. haha. then linxi told me that he's okay, has being humping other dogs and has being barking alot. haha. let hi off this time as he just recover. haha. then when i reach club, they tell me that he is super ok, able to irritated people. haha. sorry. just brought him for a walk then afterward will bring for a water therapy. haha. but afterall, he's ok, just that he's bit playful sometime. that's a dog, we can't expected them to behavior well all the time. just like sometime we people do do mistake and want to play wild one in a blue moon. haha. >.<

Monday, September 21, 2009

21/09/09 (mon)

hyper hasn't being well for the whole day. making me so sad. he had diarrhoe yesterday for 6times. this morning he had diarrdoe too and it contain blood in it. very worry. cried in the morning cos he can't walk properly. every morning he will lick my face but this morning he didn't. he kept lying on the floor and i know it weird then i realise he had difficulty standing up. it shock me.
can anyone tell me what i should do. i'm worried sick. can't help him much.

Friday, September 18, 2009

18/09/09 (fri)

hi, hyper was was so close to be selected for the tv commercial. haha. but it's okay. haha.
has being doing well for his agility that includes jumping over two hurdles follow by a dog walk and then back to the two hurdles. trying hard to train him on the tunnel and the weales. haha. brought treats and toys for him ytd. spend over $30+ for his treats and few toys. after a 30% discount. haha. but it's ok. as long as he behaviour. haven't being giving me much problem. have being off-leash him evrytime we go for a walk. haha.
-helped keng siew to adopt one puppy on street. have being feeding his mothers and the three puppy. two guys and one female. the female is nice n cute. keng siew took the male. just that today morning their mother went to seach for the pups. sadded. feel very bad. but now the mother is back in the places. hope she can get over it soon. cos i feel that dog should have a proper house to stay. those stray dog they shouldn't be out there living.
-haven't being enjoying coming to club le. just that cos my hyper is there so have to go. everyday i feel like coming but everyday there's something that bounds to happen and piss/let me feel like going home straight away. but i can't cos i have to stay here longer to pei my hyper. hope to be able to bring him back home stay forever. cos now that i only can bring him home few time a week. hai. wanna posts more pics here rather then typing.