Sunday, April 20, 2014

Long weekend with hyper

Long weekend! And so does hyper! Went for a home boarding stay with us:) 
At holland area, with Dennis and muffin :) 
Morning walk with the pack :) 
And a crush over by xabi twinkle and lady Mae :) 
Isn't it cute! The way they sleep! 
Isn't it abit too close?? 
As always, a good watchdog! 
Hyper and I both love staying there and enjoy much! Cause he gets lots of space going from the front yard to the back and up to second floor, leaving all his fur everywhere for me to clean up! 
Although have to leave them home alone for pet visit at bedok! 
Great week spend with hyper:) he taught me a lot and my best pal! Who we grow up together:) 


~ Adopt • Rehab • Training • Enjoyment~

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Monday No Blues ☺️

Monday blues? Not this Monday!! Cause it's a doggies walk! The only remedies for Monday blue - dogs! 

Waiting patiently for Kyra's arrival before heading to meet Hen and Sam :) 
Two babies preparing to go for a walks:)
How to have Monday blues like that?? Walking along holland road. 
Try spotting Sam :) *hint - pee pee
Was suppose to walk the doggies and follow by lunch! But we ended up at hen's place to let the dogs play off leash and order delivery:P
Hyper having lots of fun! Getting all the dogs to chase after him! :) really Monday blue??? Maybe not! 
The mustache cat - XiaoMing! 
Isn't Xiao Ming cute? Monday no blues! 
Group photos :) 
Trying to get all the dogs in the pics! 
Hey, Sam where are you going?? 
Trying our best to get a group photos by ourself! Hahaha
Hey, don't put kyra under the coconut tree! Just in case the coconut drop! Hahahaha
Are you all tired? 
Kyra, hyper, po, Marshall and Sam! :) 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hyper's Saturday night with Guinea Pigs

Last Saturday night, brought hyper and twinkle to woodlands to see the Guinea pigs! Cause I needa take cab to woodlands cause of the big cage, from Masha. And twinkle is boarding with me for the weekend so have her along:) 
Carrying this cage around while holding on to 2 big dogs! 
The old guinea pig house, cause the wood soaked up the pee and it starting to smell, so have to change their houses for them. No more 2 storey. 
As usual, hyper will just stand there and look at them forever! 
The 5 pigs in their new house :) although xiao hong will be remove later when they get back. 
Guinea pigs will always be pigs, forever hungry :) 
Lattè , male, 3 months old, son of xiao hei and xiao hong
Hershey, female, 3 months old, daughter of xiao hei and xiao hong 
Mocha, daughter, 3 months old, daughter of xiao hei and xiao hong 
Xiao hong, male, 1 year plus, father of mocha, Hershey and lattè 
Xiao hei, 1 year plus, female, mother of mocha, Hershey and lattè. 
Hyper will always be facing the pigs!! 
Twinkle feeling so tired!! 
Hyper baby, male, 7years soon! Still a puppy in my eyes! 
Twinkle joining in the fun of the staring game! :) 
Oh by the way, did I say hyper will look at them forever? Haha
Xiao hong preparing to sleep on the way back home:) 

Really love hyper and my guinea pigs, although it's bit too many of them but I still love u all! :) 
Hate it that I'm in army and have so little time to spend with hyper and unable to hug him to sleep! I know you miss me hyper! Cause ever since I enlisted, you suddenly age so fast, suddenly all the white fur comes out, like what a lot people told me that he suddenly age after I enlist! U must be missing me badly when I'm in camp right? 
I love u baby hyper! :) 


~ Adopt • Rehab • Training • Enjoyment ~

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Home Away Weekend

Spend the whole weekend over at Eve's place looking after Twinkle, the Goldie:) and have a 'staycation' at the place :) 
On our way there:) 

Pack walk on Saturday morning 

Group photo :) 
On our way back to bridger's cafe for brunch :) 
Mia came awhile while waiting for uncle cheong to fetch her back :)
Twinkle knock out after the walk :) 
Hyper taking a break too :) 
Playing at 1am !! 
Saturday afternoon photoshoot :) 
Sunday morning walk while daddy buy breakfast :) 
I'm gonna eat u! 
Can we eat now??? 
Enjoying :) 
And not forgetting what has became their tug of war!! 😁😁


~Adopt • Rehab • Training • Enjoyment ~