Thursday, April 10, 2014

Monday No Blues ☺️

Monday blues? Not this Monday!! Cause it's a doggies walk! The only remedies for Monday blue - dogs! 

Waiting patiently for Kyra's arrival before heading to meet Hen and Sam :) 
Two babies preparing to go for a walks:)
How to have Monday blues like that?? Walking along holland road. 
Try spotting Sam :) *hint - pee pee
Was suppose to walk the doggies and follow by lunch! But we ended up at hen's place to let the dogs play off leash and order delivery:P
Hyper having lots of fun! Getting all the dogs to chase after him! :) really Monday blue??? Maybe not! 
The mustache cat - XiaoMing! 
Isn't Xiao Ming cute? Monday no blues! 
Group photos :) 
Trying to get all the dogs in the pics! 
Hey, Sam where are you going?? 
Trying our best to get a group photos by ourself! Hahaha
Hey, don't put kyra under the coconut tree! Just in case the coconut drop! Hahahaha
Are you all tired? 
Kyra, hyper, po, Marshall and Sam! :) 

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