Thursday, May 29, 2014

Busy Busy Bee ~

Recently have being very busy with training with hyper and clients dogs, so many updates not done! From getting myself 3 sets of hurdle which costs only $50, and brought hyper to try out SUP - stand up paddle, with Masha & Tom and also Leto, and now, we are staying at Masha's place home boarding- Leto & Rita. Hahaha. 

Making payment and then off we go! It's quite reasonable, $30/hr, at mana mana beach club, at east coast park. 
After we flips, hyper haut swam away! Hahah 

Not forgetting having a quiet walk just Hyper & Me, time of our own, walking aimlessly:) love this moment :) 
And we went to happy 3 bites cafe, with bill:) 
Posing at the beach :) 
Feeling on top :) 


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