Thursday, October 29, 2009

29/10/09 (thurs)

Just finish my eng and math papers. OMG, math isn't as tough as our prelim lo. haha. quite easy as compared to sch exam paper. having quite a few of problems with club people. relationship with them was not as good as before. thinking of leaving but hyper is my weakness and i cannot do anything, because hyper is staying with at club. but whatever the case, cos the problem i don't have the same passion to club anymore and cause of that my patient is even worse before i can tahan all sorts of nonsense, now bit of little thing that irritated me causes me to be in very angry. not sure why, maybe hyper is staying here and i can't say anything and cos the 'feel' isn not the same which explains why. but whatever the case, when i get to al's side, maybe everything will change, hopefully. hyper's ear is better cos previously maybe cos max(G.R) bitten his ear too hard that makes his ear blood vessel burst and his left ear swollen then i brought him to joyous vet, which costs me 70+ 80 bucks. after that, his ear is better then three days later it came back. Then, i brought him to vet practice sprend 40+ and now his ear is under control, have to eat medicine everyday twice a day. just found two scars on his face, must have got into fight when i'm not around. someone told me over in FB that last thurs i did not went to club and hyper went out of control, he bark the whole day, and he tried to get into fight with parker show teeth and so, and she told me that when i'm not around hyper became another dog that is very stuborn and very naughty. but whatever the case, hyper does have some behavior issues that i have to admit, just that he doesn't show it infront of me as he knows that i will beat him. he marks, n barks alot. when i'm not around. marking does have some improvement after i tied him up whenever he's going to sleep and so, now he even marks in the office. as for barking, he doesn't bark in front of me, but hios barking is replace by whining. he is damn freaky domimant too, through better now, but he still can't be together with domimant dog. and the only dog his afraid is momo(alaskan malamutes).

Saturday, October 3, 2009

3/10/09 (sat)

Yesterday, we had a 'gathering' for our club and also to thanks those 'cip students', had fun but overall wasn't fun, and i didn't enjoy much. As, something happen to my surrounding.

Adrian and Leonard both told me that they are disappointed in me that i didn't manage to handle them well enough. Kai Zhong told me that Adrian quite like me because i know a lot of dogs stuff and also i helped him sometime re. to dogs and so. but this time i actually let this kind of things happened. Leonard say that Adrian tell him that i can handle and knows a lots of dog-relates stuff but i actually let this fight happened. moreover, this time is not kidding.

Feeling: fucking upset and stupid and remorseful.

This time i really let people who think that I'm a very good dog-handlers and so i actually let them down. I'm sorry!!! please let this time be the last time i mishandled dogs!!! i doesn't want this things to happen again in my life!!!

But the one that i felt sorry to is Al Chong, because Al brought me into this line, and i start off learning from him and also he taught me so much in the end, i let/allow this things to happen! He must be the saddest among all, i think. To have this type of student, Al always tell me that prevention is the most important and also that management is the prior to anything in the end i fail to meet his requirement. This time, I'm so disappointed in myself too!!!
Sorry, Al!!!

-P.s- please god let me be more mature and able to get to know the prior to everythings. and allow me to have a good management and set all the dogs here to success. So, Al Chong, Adrian,Leonard,Linxi,Kai Zhong and all will know that I'm trying hard and i've what it takes.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

1/10/09 (thurs)

yo! today brought Hyper(Border collie), Dale(Golden Retriever), Mummy(Mongrel), Blackie(Mongrel), Brandy(Golden Retriever) ,Alfie(Toy Poodle), Samantha(Golden Retriever), Yoyo(Labrador Retriever), to west coast dog run park. haha. order a mac delivery that costs me $21 in total. Brandy(Golden Retriever) and Samantha(Golden Retriever) have got into a fight because of some issue. Luckily, it wasn't so serious. We went there at around 11+am and went back at around 5+pm. haha. have lots of fun with them. By the way, we saw Obe(Border collie) over at the dog run.
Because dogs are ABLE to Go THROUGH the fences.
Luckily, dogs i brought there have WELL-TRAINED with RECALLED(come when call)!!!!

~P.s-not all the dogs i brought went through the fences... only Blackie(Mongrel) went through as i went out to refilled water!!!