Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Quite busy nowadays. Currently working at all breeds pet shop. $5 per hour i think. and there's lots of cats in the shop running freely, therefore i can't bring hyper to work. i love Eva, a Maine coon. ha. but there a Burmese cat age of 2yrs old selling off at 1.6k just because he is imported. but he is damn tame i can carry him the way i want and touch wherever i want. unless others cats, they can't be touch on their back n tail. ha.

hyper staying at Aslyn house this few days, because she wan to play with hyper. anyway, I'm working from morning till evening so left not much time to play with him.

His meal has change to thrice a days after i went to work cos grandma have being feeding him anyhow. each meal contains of 1/4 of chicken, grandma will remove the bone away, chicken comes with rice or brown rice n the amount of rice is double the rice i eat. and that is one meal, he eats three times a day. oh my god. lucky I'm not the one paying for the chicken and so. i just want him eat plain rice or dry food not human food. now that he is fussy with food.have not being eating for one whole day i think. cos when i give him rice, he will walk off after smelling there's no chicken. so it's either he eat it or he gonna be starve for the day. cruel but effective.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

6/12/ 09

hi, haven't being blogging much recently. Now i brought hyper to my grandma house. grandma just doesn't like with hyper's fur as he's shedding ALOT recently. able to see that grandma likes hyper just that he's bit too big for her. as for my sister, she so afraid of hyper, that hyper have never smelled my sister before. ha. left him with shirley and juchan for last night n the night before. As, i will be coming to yew tee for this few days then it will be too much for me as i need to take cab to and fro. As be taking cab for the past one week. that costs me $30+ in a day, and for one whole week it is $30 X 7 = $210++. and now i'm BROKE!!!