Friday, January 31, 2014

First day of Chinese New Year :)

Happy lunar new year :) 
Hyper has being busy entainting the guests who came over to my grandma place. Cause grandma will keep 'show off' can ask him to do tricks and all! 
Poor boy. At least he had a few hours getaway to Bridgers cafe and have some time with olive and other dogs! 

Hyper with my sister and her fiancé 

Hyper with sister's fiancé 

Hyper waiting for people to arrive and welcome them in his dinosaur jumpsuit :) 

Woof! What a harsh day! Finally everyone have left! 
Can't wait for walks together with Hyper's friends. Then he will have his part 2 of entainting 😂

Love u baby

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year is just round the corner! Hyper here to wish everyone a happy lunar new year!! :) have lots of red packet:) 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bit of updates on hyper

Was walking hyper from tiong Bahru all the way to ochard then to somerset then back home:) had a great night walk! And of course he had a lot of fun with his friends! It's being sometime since I brought him out for a night walk. It's cooling and it's super nice to walk at night! Everyone should try a late night walk with their dogs!! 


Looking back, 23/01/14

Was in camp and reading back at hypers blog. It's being 5 years, I adopted hyper. This 4th July will marks the 5th year, a wonderful dog, hyper, came into my life with me. How times flies! A lot of things have changes and everyone grow up and the dogs ages. 
And I will changes how this blog looks like!!! But first need to wait until I book out :) 
Oh by the way, I'm in the army:( it sucks! Lucky I have my family and helper looking after hyper when I'm in camp! 

Think I will start writing back hypers blog:) it's really nice to read back and think how much my baby hyper have change and grow :)