Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Morning walk on Saturday morning

Every Saturday I will be having Ginger, golden retriever for socialization walk. That morning I have hyper and ginger, cause Masha is injury so I took Leto,Shiba inu, with us for walk. And Leto totally brought ginger playful side out! And this is the first time ginger was playing! So happy that ginger has finally started learning to play! Hope she will get better

Thursday, February 13, 2014

From just walking to swim!

Hyper had a great day today! Haha.
Maggie help me to bring hyper along with the rest of the dog walking group to east coast park for a walk, but cause of hyper jumping in the sea and others follow it ended up with a swimming session for the dogs. This naughty boy! So old still so naughty! 

And Maggie have to send him for a bath at the grooming salon. And send him back after that! Thanks Maggie for bringing my troublemaker out! :) really see from the pictures that he had great lots of fun! 

Done bathing, on the way back home:) 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dog / Cat tag (QR code)

selling a very special  QR code Dog/Cat tag now, regular size for medium size dog onwards and small for cats and small size dog

How it works

- every tag comes with a unique URL that the owner just need to log in and update all the informations they wants from personal details (up to 3 phone number and facebook and twitter) and pets' health conditions and picture. unlike usual dog tag, u can update any details 24/7 so if owner doesnt have to keep buying a new tag for change of address or numbers.

-people just need to use the QR reader ( free download application) to scan and they will know how to find the pet's owner. For those who are not using smartphone, no worries, at the front there's a unique and personalize URL which You can still view and update your pet’s profile by typing in the URL listed on your tagour tag are tough, Laser-Etched Aluminum but IF your pet still found a way to destroy it, dont worry we will get a FREE replacement for you.

now you must be thinking it must costs a bomb! Not at all! its at SGD$11.00

so what are you waiting for? grab yours now!!

can email us at thealphapacksg@gmail.com or 

call us at 94897602 

Hyper's weekend

Booked out last Saturday, 8/2/14, on the morning! Shagged! But excited:) 
Went to send James and breakfast before his ferry to batam, leaving both hyper and I in Singapore. Haha. 
Brought hyper to our usual spot at Robertson quay, bridger's cafe, we will be there every Saturday after our morning pack walk for breakies:) 
This Saturday was bit different, as the girls are done with their walks by the time we arrived. So we had my fav Turkish egg then walk with hyper and we had olive joining us:) 

While on our way back, I decided to stop and do some reinforcement training with hyper with distractions. Started off with off leash distance cue eg, sit, down, stay, heel. Then I start hiding his toys around and he would only go find when I give him the cue, and then following my verbal signal to look for his toy. Then it's olive turn, we start off by doing some loose leash walking, then to basic agility handling skill, which she did quite well, and giving both of us a moral boosts, her gaining confident on hand cue in agility, as for me, she makes my day lighter, which is a great boost for me in my training later in the afternoon. 
This is where we had our short training :) 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Missing Baby Hyper

Thought will be able to book out early today and get to see hyper. But then, have to do guard duty _|_ 
Cause 90% of the battalion are flying to Brunei, end up there's a shortage of people staying back to do guard duty! Of all, I picked to do today's guard duty! Argh! Only able to book out tomorrow morning! Think by then, James would be on his way boarding the ferry to batam for 4days. The weekend will be spend with just hyper and me :/ at least hyper gets to go to Maggie's party at her place and have fun with other dogs 

Can't wait for tomorrow to go home and see hyper! Oh, hyper won't get to see James before he go batam too! 

Hyper's brother - lattè (one of our 5 guniea pig)