Sunday, April 20, 2014

Long weekend with hyper

Long weekend! And so does hyper! Went for a home boarding stay with us:) 
At holland area, with Dennis and muffin :) 
Morning walk with the pack :) 
And a crush over by xabi twinkle and lady Mae :) 
Isn't it cute! The way they sleep! 
Isn't it abit too close?? 
As always, a good watchdog! 
Hyper and I both love staying there and enjoy much! Cause he gets lots of space going from the front yard to the back and up to second floor, leaving all his fur everywhere for me to clean up! 
Although have to leave them home alone for pet visit at bedok! 
Great week spend with hyper:) he taught me a lot and my best pal! Who we grow up together:) 


~ Adopt • Rehab • Training • Enjoyment~

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