Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hyper's Saturday night with Guinea Pigs

Last Saturday night, brought hyper and twinkle to woodlands to see the Guinea pigs! Cause I needa take cab to woodlands cause of the big cage, from Masha. And twinkle is boarding with me for the weekend so have her along:) 
Carrying this cage around while holding on to 2 big dogs! 
The old guinea pig house, cause the wood soaked up the pee and it starting to smell, so have to change their houses for them. No more 2 storey. 
As usual, hyper will just stand there and look at them forever! 
The 5 pigs in their new house :) although xiao hong will be remove later when they get back. 
Guinea pigs will always be pigs, forever hungry :) 
Lattè , male, 3 months old, son of xiao hei and xiao hong
Hershey, female, 3 months old, daughter of xiao hei and xiao hong 
Mocha, daughter, 3 months old, daughter of xiao hei and xiao hong 
Xiao hong, male, 1 year plus, father of mocha, Hershey and lattè 
Xiao hei, 1 year plus, female, mother of mocha, Hershey and lattè. 
Hyper will always be facing the pigs!! 
Twinkle feeling so tired!! 
Hyper baby, male, 7years soon! Still a puppy in my eyes! 
Twinkle joining in the fun of the staring game! :) 
Oh by the way, did I say hyper will look at them forever? Haha
Xiao hong preparing to sleep on the way back home:) 

Really love hyper and my guinea pigs, although it's bit too many of them but I still love u all! :) 
Hate it that I'm in army and have so little time to spend with hyper and unable to hug him to sleep! I know you miss me hyper! Cause ever since I enlisted, you suddenly age so fast, suddenly all the white fur comes out, like what a lot people told me that he suddenly age after I enlist! U must be missing me badly when I'm in camp right? 
I love u baby hyper! :) 


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