Thursday, November 20, 2014

New member to our family - Ugly & Junior

Have being very busy with private training amd attending pets events, didnt really have time to update the blog.

Long story short, our 2 bird have passed on - Love, the bugie and Apple, the lovebird.

Love only have 2 days with us because we didnt notice that shes sick at the bird shop and we bought her home. At least, she had a big cage to herself, doesnt have to squeeze with 20 over budgies in a tiny cage. And she got to the part of the world.

As for apple, shes the sweetest parrot that i ever had. Always so eager to learn tricks and sleeping on my hand. Just love to cuddle! In just 3 weeks, shes able to learn step up, spin, short distance recalled and going through our DIY tunnel! But before, we finish doing our DIY bird agility course, she habe left us due to mites. We was told that she might have contacted the mites at the pet shop as for parrot to pass on due to mites it takes a long time. But she left us before we able to bring her to the vet.

For those who have mo experience in bird keeping, they are number 1 for hiding their illness, so usually when we find somethings wrong, its usually too late for any treatment. And of course, im still a newbie in birdkeeping so im also at fault not able to look for the sign.

After all what had happend, we bought a new yellow sided conurem, from a home breeder. This time we chosen one that is older, around 6mths old. As parrot have very low to no immune in them until around 5mths old. And we name him - ugly :) so far we have him for going 2 months. And he is able to do step up and spin. This time we really focus on theur health instead on so much in training. Brought lots of supplement to boost his body system like probiotics and anti mite sprays and so on.

Roughly 1 week ago, i also adopted my 2nd dog, a border collie from a local trainer. Shes about 2years old, cause they doesnt have much time for her. And personally i feel that she has being badly neglected. When we arrived to view her, theres a awful smell from her and after i stroke her, my finger are full of dirts. Even the car stinks, the moment she hop in! We had to wind down all window! Send for to grooming and got scolded from the groomer, that shes damn dirty, the water was BLACK literally when they rinse her, and they have to shampoo for 4 times to have her white fur to turn from yellowish to white! Not surpise in finding a few ticks on her too. Got her a new collar as her collar is as stinky as her, from bright purple to greyish purple, and my finger will have the awful smell whenever i touch it, it just linger around everywhere.

Not going to say much on her behavioral issue that i have to work on with her, super sweet to humans thats all, i can say. Lots of training to do with her, cause she behave differently in day and night, eg she okay to walk pass a green bin in day, but shes afraid in night. Not to mention her with the other dogs. All i can say that im glad shes okay with humans and she knows where to go for toilet!

Hyper loves having her around, but not the other way round! Bonding in progress :)


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